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Steele Precision Engineering offers a variety of services to its customers which are outlined in the list below.

Offset Sights
The offset sight mounts are worth mentioning in a little more detail. A design of offset sight mounts has been developed by Steele Precision Engineering for target rifle shooters. These are to help shooters who have problems with their shooting eye, for example a right handed shooter who has developed problems with vision in the right eye and who wants to continue to shoot right handed. The sights allow adjustment for an individual’s pupillary distance (the distance between your eyes) and also have a foresight capable of vertical adjustment. This allows the firer to have a consistent head position at all distances. The offset mounts have been used very successfully by a number of target rifle shooters and they can be individually tailored to the customers needs. In addition offset scope mounts can be designed and manufactured for match rifle or F Class shooters.

The list of services includes:

  • Design and manufacture of offset sight mounts for target rifles
  • Design and manufacture of offset scope mounts for target and match rifles
  • Manufacture and fitting of scope mounting rails
  • Pillar bedding of rifles
  • Hot bluing of small parts including pistols
  • Rust bluing of shotgun and rifle barrels
  • Manufacture of spare parts
  • Servicing and repair of firearms
  • Internal and external screwcutting of components
  • Restoration of machinery

Gallery of Projects