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The scoresheets below were originally designed for the NRA(GB) current series of targets. They are a compromise between showing a sufficiently large area of the target for beginners, whilst having a large enough bull for those who will produce 75’s with high V bull counts Over the years they have been expanded to include ICFRA, HBSA, DCRA and 300 metre targets.

The scoresheets are in Microsoft Word format, but other formats can be produced on request. There are two types of document available, A4 scoresheets with two scoresheets on an A4 page and Team A4 scoresheets with one scoresheet on an A4 page. Please note that these should be printed on printers capable of having a bottom margin of 5mm or less, otherwise some cropping of the scoresheet may occur. An example of the 600 yard scoresheet is shown below.







NRA (GB) A4 Team Scoresheets – one scoresheet per page

All Scoresheets in a single zip file